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Second Chance Buddy Lager Beer Keg 5Gal

Second Chance Buddy Lager Beer Keg 5Gal

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We deliver to the addresses in San DIego County. Please check our Shipping Policy or call us directly to 619-792-2626 for more information.

Crafted with Czech Pilsner yeast, this lager offers a symphony of flavors and aromas that elevate the beer-drinking experience. Its delicately floral aroma harmonizes with a light malt backbone, creating a balanced profile that's neither too bitter nor too sweet. Light-bodied and refreshing, it's the quintessential low-alcohol, crushable craft lager that's perfect for any occasion. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or celebrating with friends, this lager is designed to be enjoyed anytime you're in the mood for something effortlessly satisfying.

ABV 4.6%


A $30 refundable deposit is required for every keg ordered

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