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Cleaning your beer lines, faucets and couplers is essential to pouring the perfect chilled draft beer.  Typically, calcium will start building up in the hoses, known as beer stone, and with time the buildup will become large enough to be dispensed with the draft beer as white or black specks, which will also cause the beer to be foamy, resulting in off tasting beer.  Eventually, the buildup will start to accumulate bacteria, yeast and mold.  The only way to continue dispensing good cold draft beer is to regularly clean your beer lines, faucets and couplers.  The Keg Guys pressurized cleaning solution uses only the highest grade cleaning materials and is performed by certified professionals to ensure that every job is done right the first time.


To enjoy a perfectly chilled draft beer from a kegerator you should have the perfect balance between temperature, pressure and clean equipment.  Here is a list of common kegerator issues:

  • Beer temperature is too warm
  • CO2 pressure is set too high
  • Faucet in bad, dirty, or worn condition
  • Kinks, twists or other obstructions in the beer hose

These are just a few of the potential root causes of your problem and troubleshooting could take hours that could spread out to days.  Do not wast time and money and not get the job done right…Call the KEG GUYS CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS today and get your kegerator in tiptop shape in no time.


One of the most important factors to having a perfectly chilled draft beer is the initial installation and set up of your kegerator.  If you start on the wrong foot then you are almost guaranteed to have continuous issues such as leaks, loose parts, etc… which will take the hole experience out of wack.  Have the job done right once and for all by the KEG GUYS CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL and never have to worry about it again.