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Ballast Point Longfin Lager Beer Keg 5Gal

Ballast Point Longfin Lager Beer Keg 5Gal

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We deliver to the addresses in San DIego County. Please check our Shipping Policy or call us directly to 619-792-2626 for more information.

Longfin Lager has earned its reputation as a go-to brew among the brewery team, and for good reason. Brewing simplicity to perfection, this Helles lager is a study in balance, finishing clean with just a whisper of hops and aromatic chardonnay notes. The taste profile is equally refined, featuring Pilsner malt accented by crisp, cracker-like flavors and a soft peppery bitterness. While it would be right at home in any German beer garden, its true calling is as a versatile companion for beach outings, boat trips, or any setting that welcomes an ice chest full of quality beer. It's not just a lager; it's a celebration of understated excellence, best enjoyed wherever life's adventures take you.
ABV 4.5%


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