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Thorn Treading Lightly IPA Beer Keg 5Gal

Thorn Treading Lightly IPA Beer Keg 5Gal

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The words “low-carb” and “IPA” are not often seen together. In fact, when asked, most people can only come up with one low-carb beer in general and that’s Michelob Ultra. Recently, the Keto diet has been gaining popularity as many people have found success in losing weight by following its low-carb ways. Unfortunately for many keto beer lovers, they have either had to give up drinking beer or carefully budget one beer in that might take up their carbs for the whole day.

Luckily, our brewers have been working on something special for all of the carb-conscious beer drinkers out there. Treading Lightly is an IPA that’s both full of flavor and light on carbs. The secret is using amyloglucosidase enzymes which can be used to degrade starch polymers and maltose to glucose in the beer creating a low-carb beer with a decent ABV still. This IPA is bright, crisp, and very dry. The Citra and Amarillo hops burst through your palette creating a beautiful session IPA that rings in at about 104 calories for a 12 oz can and just 2.9 carbs while still maintaining a 4.3% ABV. As an added bonus, the beer is Gluten-Reduced making it easier for those who are sensitive to gluten.


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